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Smart and secure. 

From our best-in-class video conferencing to our Alexa voice integrationLifesize is committed to securing your workplace communications

You can recognize when Alexa is on or off in the room from the Lifesize Phone HD display and change the state instantly with a tap of the dedicated button

Enable or disable Alexa 

Your voice is only sent to the secure Alexa cloud when you use the wake word “Alexa” — plus, you can tell Alexa to forget what you just told her

User privacy controls 

Your IT administrators can enable additional safeguards, from opting out of Amazon voice reviews to removing command and response history from the cloud 

Administrative security measures

Voice-enabled video conferencing for every meeting room. 

The premiere 4K video conferencing experience with 20x zoom and untouchable quality 

Lifesize Icon 700

Mid-size to large meeting rooms
4K Video
4K Content Sharing
Dual Display

Alexa, tell me more.

Use your voice 

Start, end, and extend meetings, check-in and reserve rooms, connect with contacts and more using Alexa voice commands 

Be more productive 

Save valuable time transitioning between meetings and checking room schedules—plus, have Alexa release unused rooms automatically 

Deploy in every room 

Support extends across our entire line of 4K meeting room solutions to include Lifesize Icon 300, 500 and 700

No added hardware 

Lifesize is an Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certified solution, so no additional Amazon Echo devices or associated skills are needed to enable a room for voice 

Create custom applications 

Configure Alexa to answer questions about your organization, deliver company news or help onboard new team members 

Manage rooms better 

Explore usage data and metrics to understand how rooms are being used and find ways to make better use of your shared spaces  

Say Alexa, see Alexa 

The Lifesize Phone HD display makes it easy to see when Alexa is enabled or disabled, and listening or speaking

Directory integration 

Call any contact, room system or meeting by name with integration between the Lifesize directory and Alexa address book 

Flexible by design to give you 4K video and 4K content sharing in a range of meeting spaces 

Lifesize Icon 500

Small meeting rooms
4K Video
4K Content Sharing

Huddle rooms and mini rooms
4K Content Sharing
Ultra wide field of view

Ultrawide field of view and brilliant 4K presentation quality perfectly tuned for the huddle room 

Lifesize Icon 300


An untouchable meeting experience

Transform any meeting room into an intelligent, safe collaboration space with Lifesize and Alexa for Business. Deliver a hands-free video conferencing experience with our full range of all-in-one meeting room solutions with Alexa smart assistant support built right in. Use intuitive voice commands to streamline meetings, increase workplace productivity, and elevate conference room safety as your company returns to the office.

Available in the US and Canada. English language only. Alexa for Business service account and per-device surcharge billed by Amazon required.

Explore room systems

Join meetings and manage rooms using your voice. 

Lifesize and 
Alexa for Business


From our best-in-class video conferencing to our Alexa voice integrationLifesize is committed to securing your workplace communications

Lifesize and 
Alexa for Business